Motion graphics is the use of moving text and images, designed to unfold in a particular span of time. Motion graphics could be said to be a fusion of print and video. What is so great about motion graphics? Motion graphics, digital signage presentations, and animated ads are effective because they can tell a story better than static ads and communications. First of all, they attract the eye of the audience better than static messaging. They are more interesting, and they engage the viewer’s attention for a longer period of time. The eye-catching movement of motion graphics allows the audience to be ‘fed’ the information. It is very easy for a person to just sit back and allow the presentation to unfold. It is more like watching a movie than reading a book. This helps make sure your message will be read. Studies have also shown that communications with motion allow viewers to retain more of the message than straight text, and so motion graphics result in more engagement and sales. People are just more attracted to motion graphics and are also more likely to watch them on a mobile device. This is important because of the large percentage of web content that is being viewed on mobile devices. That percentage is sure to grow and the use of motion graphics will be growing right along with it!