Moore Family Law

Family law attorney Jennifer Moore was having a new website built and felt her current logo was too intense and bold to connect with the families of the special needs children she served. She wanted a logo that was professional yet relatable with a stand alone graphic mark which could be used as her facebook profile, website favicon and on the firm’s letterhead.

Through our Meaning of Color exercise, we helped Jennifer select a new color palette for her visual brand. A fresh spring green to show life and growth offset with grey to represent intelligence, balance and professionalism. We used the iconic image of the scales of justice in a unique way to instantly communicate “law” without using words and set the identifier copy “Family Law” in upper and lower case instead of all caps to be easier to read and look casual and approachable.


“I wanted to let you know that in my peer support group, there was nothing but praise for the design. That is extremely rare in this group of 361 lawyers who are committed to supporting each other with constructive honesty.”

Jennifer – Moore Family Law