ExLibris Users of North America Event Programs

ExLibris Users of North America (ELUNA) is the user community for the library software used in most academic, public, government and corporate libraries today. We have produced a 60+ page spiral-bound program for their annual conference for the last several years. The programs contained helpful information for event attendees including maps, schedules and speaker lists. The graphic look of the program was based on the theme or location of the event and we created fun teaser ads to build excitement for the reveal of the next year’s event.


“Working with the Heriot Creative team is always a pleasure. Their engagement process works to effortlessly walk us through initial concept to final design. The results are always better than what was originally imagined! I appreciate always their enthusiasm and responsiveness. It truly feels that Heriot Creative is a part of the team from start to finish.” 

Laura – ExLibris Users Group of North America