Yoga by Blisstopia

Yoga guru, doula and wellness professional Lana Anderson was looking to develop a logo which she could use in order to grow and develop her Blisstopia brand. While she loved the piece of art that a friend had created, the colors and gradients made printing on apparel and promotional products difficult and expensive. She wanted a logo that was simple enough to be printed in one color, yet maintained some of the style of the original artwork.

Through our Types of Logomarks exercise, we learned that Lana preferred stylized typography and logos whose elements represented a deeper meaning. For the Blisstopia logo we created a custom typeface with accents inspired by the artwork and integrated a stylized yin yang symbol in the uppercase “B”. When Lana decided to expand her operation and asked us to help brand her new studio Yoga by Blisstopia we used a seated figure to instantly communicate “yoga” in the mark as well as the “B” from the Blisstopia logo to create a visual tie between the two business entities.


“Josh with Heriot Creative really delves into who you are personally to help dissect and decipher your brand. He helps pull out the characteristics of your brand, your vision, who your client is, who they are not, what you want people to think of and so much more. Attention was given to the colors and the why behind the colors from the psychology to the practical aspects of printing on paper vs on apparel vs on large signage. Josh was professional, timely, informative, and of course so creative and literally pulled thoughts out of my head and put them onto paper.”

Lana – Yoga By Blisstopia